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I’ve decided to transition the Bloombub blog over to blogspot.. more widgets, more connections with other bloggers. I will leave this site up fr a while too, but all my most popular posts have been copied over the blogspot.
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SOS – Summer of Sewing – Challenge Gallery

This January I will be sewing for pleasure – and to challenge myself!
I want to:
– master sewing zips

– make a softie for my little girl

– make myself an outfit
– finish the mending pile! (which includes several of my old dresses and tops)
– make some new cushion covers
– design some new dresses for the Bloombub autumn and winter collection.

Here’s where I’m up to:

mental health food

Some days you just need something to comfort you…. a small square (or two) of this should do the trick!



1 cup hazelnut meal (or almond meal)

1/2 cup rice flour

1/2 cup brown sugar9 (or 1/3 cup caster sugar)

1/2 teaspoon baking powder; 1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda

100g butter (melted)

1 tablespoon of vanilla essence


1 can condensed milk

125g butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

optional:1  tablespoon of vanilla essence, golden syrup or maple syrup


1 block of good quality cooking chocolate (dark is best, but milk also works well)

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1 medium size bag of MMs (plus more for snacking), or any other delicious crunchy chocolate or candy topping you fancy.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius (160 for fan-forced ovens). Prepare a slice pad or two loaf pans with baking paper, ensuring the paper also lines the ‘long’ sides of the tins.

Measure out all all dry ingredients for the base, and place in a bowl. Give a quick whisk to mix the raising agents with the flours. Melt the butter and pour into the bowl. Add the vanilla essence. Mix until it forms a loose dough. Tip the dough into your baking tray (or trays), firmly pressing it down until it forms a ‘crust’ across the entire base of the tray. Place trays in the pre-heated oven for 10-15mins, until the base starts to turn golden brown. (NOTE: the base will puff up during baking, then sink again as it cools. Don’t panic!)

Allow the base to cool completely, leaving them in the tins, then prepare the caramel.

Melt butter and sugar in a small saucepan over low heat. When the sugar and butter have formed a slick sauce-like consistency, add the condensed milk, stir till it is all blended through, making sure it never gets too hot. If your mix starts forming bubbles, it’s too hot! Add the additional flavouring syrup now, if desired. The entire melting / caramel cooking process should take less than 5 minutes, and NEVER take your eyes off it. Take the pan off the stove and allow the mix to cool slightly, then poor over your base. Make sure your spread it into all corners. (NOTE: you cannot do this step in the microwave, it will explode and go everywhere… you’ve been warned). Put the caaramel/base layers back in the oven for another 10 minutes, until the caramel is just starting to firm up. Leave to cool again, you can put it in the fridge at this point to speed things up if you wish.

Make the chocolate layer – again, this will work better in a saucepan, because of the oil content. Break the chocolate into small pieces and put in the saucepan over a low heat (preferably using a double boiler technique). Stir the chocolate until it is melted, then add the vege oil and stir again until all combined. Your chocolate should be lovely and shiny, and quite thin in consistency. Pour the chocolate layer over the cooled caramel/base, again ensuring it reaches to all corners. BEFORE the chocolate starts to set, tip (whatever is left of) your bag on M&Ms onto the chocolate, sprinkling evenly. Some will sink into the chocolate, that’s okay!

Put the whole slice back into a fridge / cool space while the chocolate sets (at least an hour).

Heat up a large knife, and slice that baby up into 24 small squares… then indulge in your magnificent creation!!!!

Devilled eggs

Because that’s what the kids will be behaving like, after consuming this much sugar and food colouring.

You can totally steal this serving idea too – it’s cute and eco-friendly!

Cookies are simple sugar cookie recipe, decoration inspired by LilaLoa, though hers are much prettier!

Excuse you!

A dear friend from my university days had her baby shower today. She loves handmade, so of course, I was overjoyed to be able to create something practical and special for her bub.

Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, I went with functional and funky burp cloths and some embellished singlets – something a new mum can never have enough of!

Cat in the Hat burp cloths for a funky baby

The burp cloths are pretty easy – it’s from a tutorial on the Cloud 9 fabrics blog, if you’d like to have a go yourself!

V-Day Giveaway!


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The winner was comment number 2: Kerissa!
Congratualtions Kerissa, I’ll be in touch later this week about your custom Heartbreaker Bubble

On Thursday, I’ll be launching the Bloombub Autumn/Winter collection, and reopening for a small number of custom orders. One of my new designs, is this sassy little Double Bubble skirt – with signature Bloombub broderie of course!

In honour of the new season collection, and to celebrate Valentines Day, I’m going to GIVEAWAY a custom Double Bubble skirt in Heartbreaker fabric. To win, all you have to do is:

Head on over to the Bloombub FB profile, have a look in the
New Designs album and tell me (HERE on this post)
which outfit your bublet would break hearts in. 

Don’t forget to become a ‘Liker’ on the Bloombub Facebook page for full details of the Autumn/Winter launch, and check out all the yummy corduroy fabrics I have stacked up here for custom orders.

Entries close 6pm Brisbane time, tonight. Winner will be announced here and on FB shortly after!

Good luck, share with your friends and have  LOVE-ly Valentines Day!

Damask debut

and the lucky winner of the very FIRST Elegance Damask custom pinny is:

Jessie Boan!

Congratulations Jessie. I’ll be in touch with a fabric selection for you to consider!

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey – it was very helpful and I’ll be putting something special in your next Bloombub parcel…. 😉

A twee little ruffle (giveaway)

It’s oh-so-cold here in normally sunny Brisbane. Actually it is still sunny, just also windy and particularly chilly if you’re not standing directly in that afore-mentioned sun!

So I’ve had to rug up on the couch with my crochet needles and crack out some revised prototypes – a twist on the Tuxedo Tee and Dress I was planning earlier in the year. Vintage style is making a comeback, and Bloombub is embracing the trend with our new lacy bib-front tees, with pearls of course.

To celebrate (and to get some test-drivers) I’m going to giveaway not one, but TWO of these new prototype tees. I have the following sizes available:

1x size 1 black l/s tee (white ruffle)
1x size 1 cream l/s tee (lavender ruffle)
1x 000 onesie in white and 1x size 2 white l/s tee (you can choose the ruffle colour if you want these sizes)

All you have to do, is help me name the new design!
And leave a review on our Facebook tab once you win, with a picture of your adorable cherub wearing their Bloombub gear, of course.

So, spread the word to all your mummy friends and leave a comment here with your suggestion of a name for the design (lacy bib-front just ain’t doing it for me); the size tee your cherub wears, and make sure you are either signed in or leave an email address for me to contact you on.

I’ll choose one winner and one runner up on Tuesday (June 21), and post the results on Facebook.

Get those thinking caps on mums (and dads).

Quality, not quantity

Image Credit: Abby Blaine, for sale on Etsy

The cooler weather has brought with it a time for contemplation at Bloombub headquarters. I had grand plans for our winter range – three or four new items as well as the old favourites, and of course custom orders for my loveliest customers.

A change of season has also coincided with lots of changes in my personal life too – the hunt for a new home, a never-ending string of family birthdays, the moods and whims of an almost-three-year-old and lots of change at my day job. Don’t get me wrong, I love change – I get bored doing the same thing day in day out, which is why I have been happily juggling work, motherhood and Bloombub for the past year – but a year is a long time! I need to give myself some time each week to chill out, to play with my toddler instead of leaving her in front of the TV, and to pace my sewing work so all orders get my fullest attention and best work on every outfit.

So, after a lot of thought and some consultation with other mums and colleagues, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on a few key Winter outfits, instead of a full new range.

I have also evaluated the pricing of my items compared to other handmade labels on Facebook and Madeit, so there are new prices too. The good news is, that all new prices INCLUDE postage and GST.

There are still new items in the mix, and I’m sure I’ll be inspired at some point in the next few months to crack out a new pattern. I have taken on board some feedback regarding my sizes too and will list the length and waist measurements for each item so you can gauge whether it will fit your child before ordering.

This is what will be on offer via Facebook, Etsy and Madeit from next week:

Long Sleeve t-shirts for boys and girls (or onesies for baby sizes).
White or pink only. $15

Designs as shown, custom requests also welcome. Sizes 0000 – 6.

Corduroy and Denim Skirts
(A-line, with or without lace trim). Many fabric choices. $25

Sizes 6m – 3T

Slouch pants – corduroy and denim
(unisex style, lace trim can be added for girls). Many fabrics available. $30

Sizes 1  – 3

Winter length Bloombub Signature Pinny $30
Falls just above the knee – designed to be worn with a tee/spencer or cardigan and tights. Sizes 6m – 3

Matching SETS:
Long sleeve tee and corduroy/denim skirt: $35
Long sleeve tee and corduroy / denim Slouch pants: $40

Thank you to all my loyal customers for their support, feedback and referrals. I love creating beautiful clothes for your children and hope I can continue to do so for a long time yet.

February already??? Must be giveaway time!

My goodness, look at the date! January is almost gone and so has summer (although it’s still quite muggy and hot here in Brisbane today). It is a welcome change from the wet rainy, flooded weeks we’ve just come through though.

Bloombub headquarters shows up on the flood maps as a big blue puddle, but the park at the end of our street (where many of the Bloombub photos are taken) soaked up the majority of the overflowing creek and we were spared from the horrible murky water in our home. Houses opposite the park and just around the corner from us weren’t so lucky though, and as soon as our power was reconnected (3 days after the water started rising!) I held my own mini-Baked Relief and took muffins to the workers who were emptying out the damaged homes. They were gratefully received, but it felt like a small effort compared to those complete strangers who were walking and riding their bikes from house to house offering help. What a great community spirit has surfaced in Brisbane over the last few weeks.

But on to happier thoughts – Valentine’s Day is now just around the corner, and though Mr D and I have now been married for 6 years and the most effort we go to for Valentines day is to go out for dinner or lunch, I do still love the concept of giving your loved one a gift, a token or a hug. Lil C is still too young to really know what it’s all about yet, but her big brother and sister (in high school) may come home with a card or a tale of unrequited love.

We thought we’d spread some toddler love with a giveaway!

There was a great response to the survey I held in December of current and future products – it was very helpful to me when choosing fabrics for the next ranges of Bloombub dresses, tops and tees (the most popular items as per the survey). I’m already looking at lovely corduroy fabrics (I know!) for an Autumn range – beautiful florals, birds and fruits.

Autumn corduroy fabrics

I’ve also go a mini-range for Valentines Day coming – the Lollipop Halter Pinny has already been debuted on the Facebook page, and our giveaway prizes will also be available, plus one or two other sweet little tops and dresses I’m thinking about over the public holiday tomorrow.

But on to the giveaway!

Just leave a comment on this post
telling me a sweet thing your child has done or said, and you could win:

A Sweetheart Mini-Pinny; matching bloomers; and coordinating Lovebub singlet

all made to whichever size your sweetie wears right now. That’s $40 value!

So get thinking and commenting! The competition will be open until February 7th – tell your friends too – it’s open to anyone!

Decision made!

Thanks to some very helpful customers via Facebook, I have narrowed down the field on the next batch of fabric to order. Until now I had been making this decision on my own, and I’m sad to say my customers obviously have different taste to me! I still have several Mermaid Mini-Pinnies hanging on my rack… they weren’t as popular as I had hoped. Vintage florals and spots however – flying out the door! So I’m listening to YOU this time, and am ordering the most popular fabrics from the Facebook album.

This is what I’m looking at:

See those cute strawberries? I’ve been eyeing them off over at RetroMummy for a while now – it’s perfect for the Ruffled Swing Dress pattern. Speaking of RetroMummy, Corrie is very generously giving away TWO fat quarter sets from the beautiful Flower Sugar range by Lecien. Wouldn’t they be lovely Mini-Pinnies in your wardrobe.

Ruffled Swing Dresses
Swing Dress and Mini-Pinny

Hope I win! Pop over to RetroMummy’s shop too and check it out – lots of beautiful fabrics, patterns and books. Perfect to spend that Christmas $$$$ on!